Do you want to hear something terribly distressing? My credit card company raised my credit limit a staggering amount the other day. Staggering as in, triple my current limit. Like, out of no where they just up and decided to tempt me with a hugely increased credit limit. I pay my bill on time, in full every month (usually before it’s due), so why are you punishing me, Capital One?

I mean, okay, to them, they probably thought this was a perfectly acceptable, nice gesture to show me I’m building credit responsibly, and here is my reward for being a diligent borrower. To me, they might as well have mailed me a box full of gremlins laced with anthrax for all the gesture of good will means. I briefly debated calling Capital One, giving them the address of my blog, and being like, “Are you trying to kill me? Bankrupt me? WHAT’S YOUR ANGLE?”

Of course, I know they want me to spend more. It’s evil. They gave me that huge increase in the hopes I’ll use every last dime of it and then have to pay them hundred in interest attempting to pay it off. Well! The joke’s on you, Capital One, because I’m not biting.

(Though, let’s be honest, I had a total Scrooge McDuck moment and might have had visions of doing this.)

Think of all the things I could buy! Like this, or this, or maybe even these. I could even buy all three, and still have room on my credit card for way, way more.

But then, of course, logic reigned me back in, and I realized that my current, patented system of ‘Saving Up to Buy Things’ will work out better for me in the long run. Credit should only be used for emergencies, like when you leave your debit card at a bar (me), or in a rest-stop ATM in New Jersey (you know who you are), or perhaps for world travel. Because, at present, the only emergency presenting itself to me is a dire need of a European vacation.

See, there’s a chance I’ll spend a little over a week gallivanting around Italy this fall (not because of my newly enhanced credit limit, no, but that certainly would make things a little easier). Exciting, si?  Naturally, the nerd in me is very excited over the architecture and history and culture and the food, oh my god, the food. Can you imagine how good Italian food tastes in Italy? If I don’t gain a substantial amount of weight in the time I’m there, I’ll have considered the whole thing a waste.

Of course, it’s all up in the air right now, and nothing has been finalized and actual plane tickets have not been purchased. But that shouldn’t stop me from obsessing about what I’d wear on the plane ride, right? Right. Which is why, after spotting this bag, I immediately created  my ideal long-plane-ride outfit, one that has the perfect balance of comfort and style:


1. Chiffon trim Racerback Tank, Old Navy. I usually don’t even like racerbank tanks, but the color on this (not to mention the price: $20!) is absolutely perfect. It looks soft enough to fly for 7+ hours in without bunching weirdly on your back or being itchy.

2. Cardigan, Boy by Band of Outsiders. I know this cardigan is over $500, and no, I didn’t pick up drugs as a hobby. I obviously do not intend to buy this exact cardigan, any gray cardigan will do (you know, to counteract the air conditioning that always seems to be set to 55 on planes).

3. Washed Canvas bag, ASOS. I’ve already professed my love for ASOS way back when, but this store is so fabulous it deserves another round of complements. This bag is absolutely perfect for a carry-on piece, and I imagine it will hold my laptop, a magazine, a book, and all of the other various and sundry items I tend to carry on planes (toothbrush, ipod, tissues, a clean pair of underwear in case the airline loses my luggage, as has happened at least 3 times to me). It is even good for carrying around the destination city and accumulating all the little travel souvenirs I like (/want/need)  to collect (matchbooks, cafe napkins). And it was $25. Like, want, need, bought.

4. Women’s Classic in Slate, TOMS Shoes. They don’t look comfortable, but I can’t swear to that, as I’ve never tried a pair on. I love the idea behind TOMS, though. I have already bought a pair for a friend’s baby (hi Elle!) and oh my god, you’ve never seen something as cute as baby Toms. These just seem lightweight and easy to slip on and off during the extended molesting TSA employees administer these days.

5. Chinos, Topshop. I made the mistake once on a flight to London of wearing jeans. It was an overnight flight. Thankfully, the flight was virtually empty, and I was able to claim a row of 3 seats for myself and stretch out and sleep most of the  journey. Unfortunately, sleeping for 6 hours in jeans is the equivalent of sticking your legs in a waffle iron. Circulation to my feet had been severed somewhere over Greenland, and I had marks and pocket outlines on my stems for what felt like days after getting off the plane. Since then, I’ve learned my lesson, and I only fly in leggings or loose, cotton pants. Like these chinos. I own a similar pair, and I’ve already given them notice that they may get the honor of accompanying my lower half overseas.

6. Crumpled City Map, Junk Skull. Oh, and speaking of Italy, how darling are these crumpled city maps from Italian designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso? They are soft, waterproof maps that are meant to be balled up and thrown in the bottom of your bag as you travel. Adorable and functional. I’d love to frame a map I took abroad with me when I got home.

7. Layton Chronopgrah Watch, Micheal Kors. Of course, you’ll need a watch to set to local time, and if this doesn’t just fill that role gorgeously, I don’t know what will. And it’s on sale!


Any exciting travel plans coming up for you guys? Or, do you have a specific thing that you can’t get on a plane without? I’d love to know!

Stay cool this weekend, kiddos.


6 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. TOMS are hella comfy- as my big ass duck-width feet can attest. Banoo wears them too, and he loves them (I think mainly because tying shoes is too much work for him).

    Also your bank sounds awesome. My credit limit has been £400 for over 8 years now. They won’t budge it, which means they probably know I would spend it all on cake, given the chance.


    Love the outfit though- I can never wear those paper-bag-y, pleated chinos though. Firstly they’re never long enough so truncate my legs into, well, tree trunks and secondly the pleats give me a 7 months preggers belly, no matter how hard I suck in. Stupid pear-shaped body.

    1. Good to know about the TOMS! And I am totally with Banoo; sometimes tying shoes is too much effort. The moment I can start wearing flip-flops every year, I do so joyfully.

      As a veritable stick-figure, I would KILL to have some shape. Maybe that’s why I like the chinos, because while they admittedly give me a huge bum/hips, it’s better than nothing! And I’m sure you don’t look as tree-trunk-ish as you think ;)

      PS. My bank is decidedly NOT AWESOME. They are evil, I tell you!

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