Things have been a bit slow around here, I know, and to my dear readership of 6, I apologize profusely. I worked 22 hours in two days last week, which I realize doesn’t sound all that impressive or worthy of breaking out your tiniest violins, but it’s not like I’m a doctor or something; I didn’t spend those hours saving lives, I spent them working in PowerPoint, and if you can think of a more terrifically awful way to spend half of your day, I’d like to hear it.

As I’ve long since held, the best remedy to recharge the pile of mush my brain had turned into is obviously to redirect my drool to fabulous decorated interiors. However, according to one delightful spam comment I received over the weekend, it seems like my readership could do with a little bit of a change of topic around here:

“This is really cool information about John Wayne it is very interesting about his life!”


To be fair, this comment was left on my very first post, so it’s possible that the spam-bots hadn’t had a chance to really glean what this blog was about. Also, and this is probably going to alienate the very large demographic of my audience that are only here looking for John Wayne related content, I can’t even hear his name without immediately thinking of this. (“Actually, it’s perfect. I  just never realized John Wayne walked like that.”)

Anyway, let’s look at some glorious home design, shall we?

via RUM Magazine

You had me at the Eames rocker. That sleek black task lamp above the bed is incredible against all that white. Can someone source me that gray blanket, too, please?

photographer Lois Lemaire for Skona Hem

photographer Lois Lemaire for Skona Hem

I am crazy in love with that fruit crate used as a bedside table, that poured-concrete kitchen counter, and oh my god those open shelves with the recessed lighting underneath. They remind me of these IKEA shelves, one of which just came crashing down off my wall the other day.

photographer Ditte Isager

Alexander Wang’s studio, photographed by Ditte Isager

Ditte’s work is just so far past brilliant it deserves its own category. I’m all about painted white brick and giant, giant windows. Where do I even find windows like that? In the meantime, excuse me while I obsess over painted black floors.

from Living Etc, via here

Like in this office. Do you see that peach rotary phone on the desk or the black industrial filing drawers in the corner? Do you know how badly I am swooning for both?

photographer Anne Naumann

Forget about solving the budget crisis and throwing around boring terms like “debt ceiling.” Our government needs to start focusing their efforts on important pursuits, like teleportation, so that I can beam myself into this room and live there for the rest of my life. I’d never need to see the inside of another room again, ever.

source unknown

Except maybe this dining room. In my fantasies, which are vast and all include some sort of painted white brick and unnecessarily large gilded mirrors, this dining room is just down the hall from the bedroom above. That chandelier! I can’t even.


I’m back to posting more regularly, I pinky promise. There are lots of exciting things coming up around LWN, and I hope there are still some of you left to read about them!

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