Travelcard Cushions, pt 2

Remember the Friday Five I did way back when? (Also, HA, remember when I thought I would do one of those a week?) In it, I proclaimed my love for these wonderful pillows designed by UK based Ashley Allen, made to look like travelcards from the London tube and rail system:

Again, I’m pretty sure there is nothing cuter as far as pillows go. The folks over at Bonjour Mon Coussin have a pretty strong hold on the Cute Pillow Market (exhibit A), but Ashley’s designs hit a little bit closer to my heart.

Like most things that tickle my fancy, I tend to be a “hit it and quit it” kind of girl. I fall in love with something, write about it, focus all of my attention on it for an ample amount of time, obsess over it, and then poof! I expire the need to own it. It’s pretty magical, and my bank account thanks me for it every day (not that I don’t buy a fair amount of stuff that I post about on here, though).

The same was half-true with this pillow. I thought I was over the crazy need to have it in my life, but the universe had other plans. A few weeks ago the designer, Ashley, emailed me, saying she had seen my blog (!!) and asked if I would still be interested in purchasing one of the cushions (!!!). It was a win-win situation for both of us; I would get the pillow of my dreams, and Ashley would officially become an international artist. So, of course I said yes. I mean, come on, have you been paying attention at all?

Cut to yesterday, when my present from overseas arrived:

MEGA SQUEAL! The crafts(wo)manship is superb, and the screen-printing is flawless. It is absolutely darling, just like I thought it would be, and HELLO, someone give me an award because look how cute it looks on my sofa. I couldn’t be any happier with it.

Ashley, thank you so much for stumbling across my blog and reaching out to me (you’ve upped my readership to 7!), and for giving me a reason to clean the piles of clothes off of my sofa. Guys, I can’t recommend her work enough. If you’re looking for a sweet housewarming gift for someone, look no further! Also, she has amazing handwriting, which you just know I’m a sucker for.

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