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I did a little dance typing that title, because it means I have readers! Or, well, I had readers. I’m sure my absence has alienated what few I started with. Boo hoo. I was reading the Sunday Times this weekend and was marveling at how exhausting it must be to be a print journalist these days (even though my degree is in Journalism, having never made an attempt at a career in it I don’t think I’m qualified to speak on the subject), what with the never ending deadlines and the responsibility to churn out article after article, coupled with the meager pay, and the constant fear that you’ll lose your job to internet media. I want to write a letter to every journalist at every major newspaper (and maybe even the not so major ones) and basically give them a pat on the back like, “Dude, I can’t even make myself post a blog a week.” However, that would involve some dedication on my part, and as was evidenced by my random disappearing act on this here blog, I clearly cannot commit to that sort of literary pressure.

Anyway. Reader recommendations!

A while back, my dear friend Vanessa who knew me back when I had no style at all (hi Vanessa!) suggested I check out a site calledThink Of The. The site is a bit like modern art, in that I don’t think I understand it fully. It’s like Fred Flare has an older, more mature brother who went to art school and now lives with his hipster Asian girlfriend in a converted warehouse in L.A. (think about it!). Sandwich bags with fake mold spots on them? A t-shirt with a giant pocket on it? (I can’t be the only one who wants to go all kangaroo on it and stick a baby in there, right?) A lamp that is now sold out but was once priced in yen? Uhh. I get the same reaction (slash general lack of comprehension) as I do when someone tries to explain the merits of pop art (JUST NO). However, Vanessa said she liked these speakers (cute!) and these frames, which, when I saw them, totally stole a piece of my heart made me an official fan of the site:

I just, come on! I die. How pretty and amazing are they? Of course, I wouldn’t be doing the name of this blog any favors if I could pick just one frame that I liked, so naturally I’ve started rationalizing ways to buy all three of them. You cannot break up the set and get just one. It’s like adopting only one puppy from a litter of three who were abandoned at birth and have separation issues now, and the ad in the paper says they’d prefer to be adopted together. Of course, you could go ahead and get just one, but then you’d be a total a-hole.

Also, any site that features such artfully done photography certainly gets my vote.

And waaaay back when after reading this post, the lovely and always stylish Michelle, who comprises my L.A.-friends contingent (hi Michelle!), sent me a hot tip about New York based jewelry designer, Vera Meat. Vera is a Ukranian (swoon) ex-model (double-swoon) who makes and sells ecologically sound and funky pieces in silver and 14k gold. I’m a sucker for two-finger rings, but have never possessed the requisite coolness to pull one off successfully, unlike my girl Michelle (also, you’re looking at the girl who is deathly uncomfortable touching sand, yes I said sand, so perhaps the tactile reaction produced by not being able to separate two of my fingers all day would send me into the same neurosis-death-spiral that sand does). I’m totally in love with these pieces:

A ring full of puppies, a camera necklace, and a 3-finger nautical-inspired ring? YES. PLEASE. It isn’t super affordable, if we were to compare it to the place I usually buy jewelry: H&M. But Vera is completely adorable, as is her jewelry, and it is worth it to invest in some great staple pieces that are both well made and have a bit of whimsy, which these totally do.

Thank you so much for your suggestions, ladies! What great taste you guys have.

What about you? Do you have any sites you’d like to recommend? I’d love to know!

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