West Elm Coffee Mugs

I am totally in love with these wonderful mugs:

I picked up a couple on sale at a whopping $4 each and couldn’t be happier with them. You know that episode of Friends where Phoebe dates the harshly judgemental psychiatrist who tells her all of her friends have issues because they sit around drinking coffee in cups that are so big that “I’m sorry, might as well have nipples on them”? Someone besides me has to remember that. Well, these aren’t quite as big as the latte mugs used at Central Perk, but they are pretty mighty in their own right. I don’t even drink coffee, just copious amounts of tea (and I’m carrying on the depression era mentality instilled in me by various members of my family and using the teabag twice). And the mugs have letters on them. Because I don’t know if you know by now, but my initial, I’m pretty obsessed with it. I think in some way I am setting myself up for some memory loss later in life, so that if I ever forget my own name I will be at least left with enough clues around my house to get me on the right track.

4 thoughts on “West Elm Coffee Mugs

  1. Can you find me a “T” (solid graphic) West Elm mug ??? I love them too and I broke it… :(

    1. It will unfortunately have to wait until July! I’m in Paris until then, and of the many things this city has to offer, a West Elm isn’t one of them :( They aren’t online? Good luck! xo

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