Royal Wedding

There are many reasons my posting around here has hit a stalemate the last two weeks, and I’d love to have a big post for you now, but truthfully: I’m going to need another day or two to wipe the enormous smile off of my face. No, I didn’t wake up at 4am to watch all the live coverage, but you had better believe I caught up once I got to work.

Say what you want about outdated traditions, or that we have better things to worry about, or that Americans shouldn’t care anyway because the British monarchy is exactly what we fled from, but as someone with family on both sides of the pond who is sick of all of the bipartisan fighting in my government, I can say without reservation that I’d much rather indulge in this lovely, fairytale wedding than be forced to hear about the absolute trash of the Jersey Shore or which soul-less Republican still doesn’t believe our president was born in this country.

I’m even willing to put aside my own broken heart for a bit. Prince William, don’t pretend like you didn’t get my love letters all those years.