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Look what followed me home the other day…

Zara Dress with Draped Top


Aerosoles Minor Role Oxford pumps

I have good reasons for both, aside from, “But they’re so pretty!” because that is so obvious it should go without saying. No, the dress caught my eye while I was browsing (which is the biggest crock ever, because once I start browsing, I almost always end up buying something) Zara (especially at Zara, because it is seemingly impossible to not buy something from that store), and while I don’t have an immediate need for the dress, I was able to quickly rationalize my intense longing for it when I remembered I have a wedding to go to this summer. “A wedding!” I thought, trying my best not to hold the dress tight and whisper sweet nothings in its pleats. I snatched it off the rack before some other greedy shopper could get her paws on it, and made a beeline for the register, without stopping first to try it on. They only had sizes M and L, and, being an S, and being completely and totally infatuated with the garment, I conveniently assumed a Zara Medium is the same as an H&M/F21 Medium, meaning it’s really a Small. (Seriously, I have to buy Large shirts at F21, and my pant size at H&M is double what it is at Gap or J Crew).

Anyway, upon bringing the dress home and trying it on properly, I discovered that it is a bit loose, so I’m still debating over whether or not to keep it. Dear readers, I need your help: to keep or not to keep? Any attempts I’ve made at gaining weight have never been successful (even under dr’s orders; I’ve been the same weight give or take two pounds for the last 6 years), and it would be very backwards to try to gain weight to fit a dress. But I love it so! I’m just worried that with the way the fabric hangs, if I bend over or lift my arms, I’ll be providing other wedding-goers with a view of my chesty-bits.

The shoes, on the other hand, ain’t goin’ nowhere. I love those things more than I can describe. I walked by Aerosoles and saw them in the window, and went back the next day to buy them. I know, I know. Aerosoles is usually a place where old women shop (sorry, Mom) because the shoes offer incredible support and comfort. I wore them yesterday for the first time, and was able to walk 8 blocks to the subway, around my office all day, and the 8 blocks from the subway to my apartment without nary a blister or sore spot on my feetsies. For a heeled shoe, I consider that quite an accomplishment. And they look good with dark jeans or dress slacks. In fact, I’m pretty sure I could wear these as slippers, that’s how comfortable they are.

Okay, loves, spill: What were the last things you bought?

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March 4, 2011 / fashion / vanity / LEAVE A COMMENT / 3


  • Try to find someone who has a Zara in their city to get you the small and mail it to you! It’s a shame to have to worry about flashing people when wearing a pretty dress.

    • Thanks, Sabina! I remember I tried to scheme something similar for a certain IKEA striped rug a few months back…. ;)

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