Office envy

Have any of you seen this post over at Apartment Therapy  of Emily Schuman’s amaaaaazing house in Los Angeles that was posted earlier this week? For those of you not in the know (ie, me, up until Monday) Emily is the fashionista behind Cupcakes and Cashmere, the lifestyle blog about all things fabulous and pricey. Among her many talents (aside from having been seen on The Hills Season 1, making home-made peppermint marshmallows, having a fabulous and expensive wardrobe, and a fiance who seemingly loves nothing more than taking gorgeously styled photographs of her) she manages to always have a flawless manicure in some polish they don’t carry at the cheap Korean salon I go to. To the likes of me, a compulsive nail biter (who is also unemployed and cannot afford the luxuries of a mani/pedi), this is an amazing accomplishment.

As if I needed any more reasons to be jealous, I saw these:

I just, I can’t even. It doesn’t even matter that the garland isn’t centered with the desk, or that one drawer is slightly open, or that she runs the cord for the (sexy!) desk lamp down the front of it, or that she inexplicably needs two (two? why two?) pens out and at the ready at all times. I am having office envy of the worst kind right now!

And then, there was this photo, from her bedroom:

I know, I know, yet another “Keep Calm” poster. As if every house tour Apartment Therapy features doesn’t have one of those prints in some color or another. But it’s yellow! And I have an unnatural love of all things yellow. This shot, of the top of her dresser, just kills me it is so perfect. White lacquer trays (presumably from West Elm; I have one in yellow!) adorned with the perfect amount of beauty products and knick-knacks so as not to cross over from intentionally cluttered to downright messy. That gold pig! I don’t even know what I would do with it, but it just looks pretty. And those little gold mirrors! I have one of those, too. But not three. Of varying size and shape. Damn her.

Okay. Okay, I’ll calm down (and carry on!). I love my iMac. It is trusty and the screen is enormous which is perfect for editing photos and it cost less than her macbook. And I don’t need a cowhide rug in my apartment, or a gold pig bank. And I close my drawers all the way. And while I don’t have a delightful collection of tiny mirrors or garland that costs $130 (but I could, if someone wanted to buy me uh…a President’s Day present), I have things that are me.

It is easy to get overwhelmingly jealous when someone has nicer stuff than I do, but I think I learned a long time ago that you can’t try to measure up to everyone else or to someone else’s standard of living, especially when there are so many disparities that need to be taken into account, including income bracket, age, and —

Oh whatever, the desk got to me. There’s nothing wrong with a little de-cluttering and redistributing things around my apartment, is there?

The tulips are from my mom (thanks Mom!). Trader Joe’s had them in 10-stem bunches for $4.99. That desk lamp is kind of a Frankenstein project I intend to write about later.

I’m afraid that if I don’t get another job soon, I am going to be stuck in an endless cycle of redecorating the same 4 square feet over and over again like I did the last time I was unemployed.

Happy Friday, kiddos! What are your weekend plans?

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  • IS THAT A SEQUINED TASSLE GARLAND? It is of utmost importance that I obtain one of said item immediately.

  • Wait. Someone actually BOUGHT that garland? It seems like the kind of thing you would get zero satisfaction from unless you made it.

    I’ve already begun to learn not to waste my money on things that come “pre-ripped” “pre-stained” or “artfully torn” – and adding to that list “things I could make myself for less $$”

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