I am having a love affair. With ASOS. Yes, the lovely, online mega-retailer of fabulous (and fabulously priced, for the most part) clothing. The site is like too good. I spend more time browsing than spending, unfortunately, but all that is about to change!

I got a new job! This is very exciting for me, because along with being rescued from the soul-crushing self-hatred that comes with being Conan O’Brien’d  out of a job I truly enjoyed, (not to be gauche) I even got a 15% increase in salary and a legitimate job title! I’ve graduated from the world of Administrative Assistants, which means that someone out there thinks I am capable of more challenging tasks than filing and watering plants. However, I’m pretty sure I should just have my new job direct deposit my earnings in an ASOS spending account.


Bow blouse

This shirt fits the like, want, AND need categories.  Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner. I’ve been obsessing over it for weeks now; saving it in my shopping cart and moving it to checkout but chickening out at the last minute. (UPDATE: I bought it. This shirt is made from the clouds of heaven —the clouds of heaven, you guys — and will make all the other clothes in my closet feel immediately inferior simply based on proximity.)

Tailored Low Slung Pants

Hello, earth tones! Everything about this outfit is making me weak in the knees. That oversized tan slub top and the brick toned pants are just perfect together. I love her hair. Seriously, the next time I announce that I want to chop all my hair off (even if it is for a good cause) please, someone, talk me out of it.

Belted Wool Coat

I never thought I’d say this, but this coat is making me want more winter, just so I can wear this beaut. Maybe somewhere cold but endlessly sunny so I could pair it with that hat! I don’t consider myself a hat girl, but come on. Also, that model has perhaps the best eyebrows ever. I bet you didn’t even notice them! That’s okay. I’ll look out for those types of things; I’m big into eyebrows.

I’m telling you guys, I’m pretty sure I should marry this site. If I did, I’d wear this:

Hybrid Three Quarter Sleeve Capelet Dress

You know, assuming the wedding was in late May in a lush garden somewhere. Of course, I’d totally go for a side-chignon and a bright red lip. That model’s hair is the perfect shade of reddish-brown; it’s making me want to dye my virgin hair that color.

Also, how gorgeous are all of these women? I know, I know, they’re models, they should be pretty to look at. But take one spin around Forever 21’s website and check out some of the girls there, and you’ll see how huge an upgrade the models over at ASOS are. Not that I’m hatin’ on F21. Don’t think I didn’t notice America’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 Winner Nicole Linkletter modeling for them these days. My how the mighty have fallen.

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February 26, 2011 / fashion / vanity / LEAVE A COMMENT / 3


  • Dammit, Erin! I just bought a dress and a sweater from that site and it’s all your fault!

    • :D I defy you to not enjoy your purchases!!

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